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We are a group of people who can help individuals and couples that are having issues about their feelings and relationships. With this primary objective, the blog is created to serve as an effective venue to share our thoughts, views, and advices with regards to romantic relationships. Even if we are strangers to our readers and are far away from them, we’d like to maximize online platforms such as this blog to reach out to them and to help them with their relationship problems.

The blog is also created to help in the fight against discrimination when it comes to choosing the person that we want to love. We recognize the fact that love knows no gender, so an individual’s sexual orientation and gender must not be used as basis of judgment and prejudice. We want to help promote a kind of love and relationship that is both genuine and liberating. With these, the blog is open to all kinds of people.

In this blog, readers can expect write ups that contain valuable insights about relationships, helpful advices to seemingly impossible to resolve couple problems, tips to keep a healthy relationship, and many others. We will also feature stories or situations wherein the couples are challenged by certain problems or issues. Then, after story, we will share our views and suggestions to help them overcome their difficulties. We will also allow readers to impart their opinions and their related experiences to make the whole process of sharing truly liberating and more effective in resolving problems.

To be effective in realizing the blog’s objectives, we have writers and contributors who passionately write about relationship matters. Their knowledge and thoughts they impart are based on the experiences of their friends, their relatives, their parents, and the people around them in general, and their own journey to finding love. They are also readers of journals and credible articles about psychology and other branch of sciences that can help them to objectively evaluate relationship problems and to become scientific in giving their advices through the blog content they write and post.

We recognize that having someone that truly loves us or being in a healthy relationship is a huge factor that affects how we live each day of our life. A single serious problem that remains unsolved may heavily affect our mood and our emotional condition for days, which is unhealthy and unwanted because it ruins our life. It even affects other people that are so dear to us.

We want to reach as many readers as we can. To ensure this, we have a Contact Us page where readers can send us their negative or positive feedback, reactions, opinions, suggestions and other recommendations. We will also allow for subscription to the blog so those who really want to keep in touch with us on a regular basis can be notified whenever there is a newly published post or updates about the blog. We may also accept contributions from long time readers who are willing to share their stories and views on relationships.

With these, we expect that the blog will be successful in promoting healthy relationships.


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