WHITE CARD: What to Know about Industrial Relations

Do you have any idea about the industrial law? If you are a person who owns a White Card and you are a hard worker then this article is for you. This will definitely understand more your rights as an industrial employee.


According to Bluedogtraining.com, a White Card is given after you complete a set of General Construction course. It was called Blue Card before as well. If you are working in the Australian construction industry, it is mandatory that you get this now.

Why do you need a White Card?

Perhaps, you are asking now why you need to get this right away. In Australia, it is a must for all that works as “site managers, supervisors, surveyors, laborers, and trades people, people who access operational construction zones and workers whose employment causes them to routinely enter operational construction zones.”

Being the card mandatory is just the beginning for all the reasons why it is necessary. Next, it will prepare you to work effectively and safely in any construction sites. A lot of accidents and problems were avoided due to this by many.

What’s the relation of the White Card to Apprentice Builders?

If you are an apprentice builder, you must definitely get as well a White Card. It is part of your requirement to become eligible to work in the construction industry.

Also, you will understand better what you experience on the job with it. Expectations will be more realistic than what you may be thinking now.

What about White Card, Apprentice Builders and Industrial Relations?

To define, Industrial Relations are about the laws that regulate the workplace. All countries have codes to follow when it comes to workplace environment and its employees. The “IR” sets the condition on how everything must work together for optimum progress.

When you need help for pay, safety, employment security, and training, you can tap the Industrial Relations. Although you will most likely have a hard time if you don’t have a White Card and you didn’t become an Apprentice Builder.

Notably, you can never tell-off anybody unless you have something to fight on. When you have all the necessary requirements as a construction industry worker, you can ask for anything that is legal. If the company doesn’t pay you, you can report them. But if you don’t have the credibility, you will just need to follow the orders. You don’t have the right to it. Hence, if you want to claim all the law would give you, make sure to follow it.

Whatever is your status position in the building industry, you should know your rights and privileges. Know more with http://www.mbansw.asn.au/.

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