7 Tips on How to Get That Industrial-Style Look for Your Kitchen

Sprinkled with a dash of retro vibes yet modern-looking and evoking a certain kind of warmth. This is just one of the many charms of an industrial style kitchen. It’s an eclectic choice but when done right, it can make for a bold statement that adds a lot of character to your home. But how do you pull off this look for your kitchen? Take a look at these seven essential tips.

  1. Create open space. One of the main characteristics of an industrial style kitchen is its airy atmosphere. If you’re going for this style, you have to create an open space further punctuated by high ceilings.
  1. Be smart with your interplay of materials. Another notable look of an industrial style kitchen is its delicate interplay of textures and contrasts — made possible by exposed beams and metal pipes, the use of reclaimed wood, your choice of rustic furniture, and the ubiquitous brick walls. This striking combination makes this look a stand-out among other kitchen styles.
  1. Don’t forget about your wall coverings. Speaking of walls — if your situation doesn’t allow you to strip back your walls to reveal the bricks underneath, there are still other alternatives available including wallpapers and vintage-looking coverings.
  1. Install open and closed shelving. When you walk into a kitchen warehouse in Sydney and get to their industrial kitchen department, you’ll notice the prominent use of alternating open and closed shelving. While the closed cabinets offer smart storage solutions for your kitchen appliances and other stuff, the open shelves allow you to showcase quaint or modern kitchenware.
  1. Add retro touches. From a retro-looking refrigerator and coffee makers to rustic accent pieces, an industrial kitchen oozes with a vintage charisma that completes this style’s aesthetics. You can also add a touch of nature and incorporate plants for that fresh urban appeal.
  1. Inject your personality in the details. Of course, you should seal your kitchen — no matter if it’s industrial style or not — with personal touches. A bicycle lover? Why not hang a vintage bike in one of your kitchen’s walls. You can also accentuate your shelves and tables with cohesive-looking decorative pieces you’ve collected from your travels.
  1. Work with a professional. Creating an industrial-style space — especially for outdoor kitchens in Sydney — can be a hit or a miss. To avoid wasting your time, effort, and money, it’s better to tap a kitchen professional as early as the designing stage of the process.
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