Bali Luxury Villas – The Secret to Affordable but Luxurious Bali Vacation for Families and Friends Traveling Together

Bali vacation is affordable even if you’re traveling with friends or family. Being affordable doesn’t mean you have to skip the luxury and the secret lies in choosing a Bali luxury villa as accommodation. Here’s why staying in luxurious Villa in Bali can make your Bali vacation luxurious but truly affordable.

Near Bali attractions

If you’re traveling with kids, and your Bali vacation is to enjoy the beach, there is a Bali luxury villa that is near or within Bali famous beaches. The coastal area like Legian and Seminyak offer the best surf and beach experience for the whole family. Travelers with kids can stay in Bali holiday villas with quiet surroundings day and night and usually with lush and spacious garden where kids can run and play. Most of these villas are walking or just a few drive away from beach proper so travelers save from additional expenses for gas and car rental, and every family member can enjoy his/her kind of beach or water activities such as snorkeling or kayaking. Restaurants nearby offer family-friendly menu at affordable prices and while the kids are at home with provided nanny, the parents can go bar hopping and get a taste of  the Bali party night.

Homey surroundings and experience

pexels-photo-105933If you and family are after Bali culture, Ubud is a perfect place and a Bali luxury villa would be a perfect home base. The villa usually has a kitchen where a family can cook together the local produce  bought from Ubud market or ask the on-service chef to make delicious Bali menu. Some luxury Bali villas have temple-like design and furnished with Bali silk and artifacts, so kids learn more about Bali beliefs and religion. The kids and adults too can enjoy swimming in the swimming pool or in the infinity pool while gazing at the magnificent temples nearby. The rate is for short duration such as weekly or monthly so families or groups traveling together can set a budget that fits their accommodation for the entire holiday while enjoying authentic Balinese home and culture.

Party place

Most of the best villas in Bali are good for entertaining because the villas are spacious. Groups can design or plan their activities and make use of the sprawling space of the villa for activities like Bali costumed party with the famous Bali Sarong and Balinese masks. Some Bali villa managements offer in-house Balinese activities to showcase famous Balinese rituals and ceremony. So, guests don’t have to leave their accommodation and pay to witness Balinese daily way of life.

Friends and families traveling together can enjoy both luxury and affordable Bali vacation with any luxury Bali villa. It isn’t a secret now.

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Bali Luxury Villas - The Secret to Affordable but Luxurious Bali Vacation for Families and Friends Traveling Together, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating