Narrabeen: Living Between the Lagoon and the Ocean

Reuters is reporting that “unlivable Sydney homes are going millions in Australia housing boom” and there is no doubt that the country’s property market is being driven by the COVID pandemic. Real estate agents in Narrabeen in the Northern Beaches, as well as in Sydney’s northwest and southeast suburbs are looking into higher sales in these areas as Australians are seeking to invest more in houses with bigger spaces. Regardless of the condition of the house, Australian buyers are seeking to rebuild rather than renovate. 

One of the more desirable areas is in the Northern Beaches where Narrabeen real estate is in popular demand. states that Narrabeen is a high-demand market with over 1,300 visits per property on average. Buying a property with 4 bedrooms would cost a little over AUD 3 million while rental for a 3-bedroom house will cost AUD 1,100 per week. Units are priced at AUD 1 million to buy for 2 bedrooms and AUD 600 to rent. Narrabeen is mostly comprised of individuals with maturing and established independence, elderly singles, and independent youth.

Nestled between a lagoon and the beach, Narrabeen is a perfect spot for anyone who aspires to live in a peaceful community surrounded by gorgeous bodies of water. Located 23 km north of Sydney CBD, it is a perfect spot for nature lovers, surfers, retiring individuals, and beach bums. There are four beaches that stretch north to south of Narrabeen’s coastline: North Narrabeen, Narrabeen, South Narrabeen, and Collaroy beach. North Narrabeen beach is particularly popular amongst surfers. Real estate agents in Narrabeen will highlight this along with the distance to its beautiful lagoon of over 55 square kilometers.

Narrabeen, whose name is speculated to have originated from the “narrow bean” that the early English settlers ate, evokes a laid-back neighborhood with a low skyline and various foliage lining the avenues and streets. Top real estate agents offer properties that face the Pacific Ocean or the Narrabeen Lagoon. Pittwater Road is considered to be a main thoroughfare linking to North Narrabeen and Collaroy to the south. Buses are common in the area since there are no train stations nearby. 

In terms of shopping, Warringah Mall is just a stone’s throw away in neighboring North Narrabeen. There are also smaller brick-and-mortar shops all over the area and particularly along Pittwater Road. Real estate agents in Narrabeen will do emphasize that this area is best for those who wish for quieter spaces with lots of room to jog, walk, swim, and experience nature. It’s the best place to stay while we wait for COVID-19 to wind down.

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