The Best Phuket Experience

Phuket, Thailand is a dreamy place to explore. But, that’s not the only thing that we discovered during our recent family getaway. For one, we found out that there is nothing more elegant than staying in wonderful luxury Phuket villas. Thank heavens we followed the trail of previous visitors who testified that a villa experience enhances the encounter with this tropical paradise.

Villas offer luxury travel of our dreams

Outdoor swimming pool at the luxury villa, Koh Chang, ThailandThey do not cost as much to put you at the edge of your finances yet they offer an indulgence in terms of features. Luxury Phuket villas provide exquisite accommodation facilities coupled with a dependable full service staff. What more can you ask for?

Both children and adults alike enjoyed the vacation completely because we have everything we needed within reach. The luxury Phuket villas such as ours are nearby sights and attractions. We also have a swimming pool, a charming yard, and beautiful bedrooms. I shared mine with my wife and she was left speechless by the beautiful interiors, cosy bed, and wonderful lighting.

Whether we stayed indoors or we roam around to see the stunning sights and attractions that Phuket offers, we were duly entertained. The kids did not have a hard time adjusting to the environment. In fact, they loved the change. They loved it that 2-bedroom villas in Phuket are kept neat and clean. They loved it that the service staff is very accommodating and professional.

Villas offer the best-tasting meals

If there is one other amazing thing about our villa stay while in Phuket, it is that extensive serving of delectable meals. There was a personal chef who prepared tasty gourmet offerings, from breakfast to lunch to dinner.

We were given an outstanding selection of dishes that even the kids looked forward to. Fresh ingredients, skilled cooking, and eye-popping presentation – every meal of all our five-day stay was quite nothing short of extravagant. If all Thai villas offer such, we are sure that travellers would come home happy and full.

There are so many other things that is noteworthy about our recent Phuket escapade. More than the beautiful sights, the thrilling activities, and the friendly people who greeted us, it is really the lodging that we remember fondly about.

We are coming again to Thailand for another round of a relaxing getaway. But this time, it is like a second honeymoon of sorts for me and my wife. That means, we will not have use for 2 bedroom villas in Ko Samui but we will surely go after the same amazing villa experience we previously had.

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