The Story of Two

They met at a common friend’s wedding 10 years ago. Since they first met, they’ve had their own story of love to tell that is fit for quality wedding films. In a few months, they are going to share to all their loved ones their love for each other at their own wedding celebration when they come out with a video of their love story.

It was not romance after their first meeting. They first became friends for the next five years since then.  In fact, it was the bride who took the first step. He asked him out after five years of friendship. Of course, she was nervous about it. Nobody can imagine how relieved she was when he said ‘Yes’ to her invitation. In January of 2016, after a five-year formal relationship, Jeremy proposed to Tammy. The proposal was straight out of wedding films. It was romantic and funny all throughout.

wedding-kiss-1566273_640Finally, the big day came and everything went well. The wedding cinematography captured everything that needed to be recorded. All the laughter and the tears of joy were immortalized in the recordings and photographs. Jeremy and Tammy were married in a garden setting last Oct 27, 2016.

It only took them a few months to plan for the wedding. What made it easy for them was that they already knew what they wanted for their big day. It was just a matter of putting it all together in one huge plan. One of the things that they were particular about was wedding videographers.

The main ceremony was their favorite aspect of their big day. It is here that they got to say their personal vows to each other. The magic of the moment was captured in quality wedding films. It was just them, the pastor and 100 of their family and closest friends to celebrate their vows to each other.  For the couple, nothing could be more magical than to look each other in the eye and say the words that came from their hearts.

Jeremy said that he will take care of her by being her best friend, her partner and the father of her children. His hands will take care of her when she is sick, his hands will hear her when she feels troubled. His hands will remain holding hers when she grows old.

To which she said one thing, that she will always love him and stay loyal to him for the rest of her life.

All these were captured by quality wedding films.

If you desire to share your love story to everyone of what transpired on your special day, a wedding video is the answer. Hire

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